Amhara Regional Branch

The Regional Branch office was established in 2001 following the revised charter of the Society, in 1991, which decentralized its structure in line with the government federal structure. The Regional Branch comprises 7 Zonal offices, 49 Woreda offices, 8 Woredas.

Located in Bahir Dar City, the Seat of Amhara Regional State.

Board Members  

There are a total of 156 board members representing the highest leadership of the offices from regional to woreda levels. 

Regional Secretary

24 hours free ambulance service,

First aid training and service ,

Water and sanitation

Essential drugs supply

Food security program, emergency relief and recovery and rehabilitation.

Restoring Family Link (RFL),

Climate change risk reduction,

Public health in emergency activities like HIV/AIDS,

Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) and Malaria.

There are 7823 youth volunteers whose role is of paramount importance during emergencies and 24 hours ambulance service delivery. There are also 2,507, 304 members of which 164 are life time members, 29 family members and 2,809 corporate members in the region.



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