First Aid Mobile Apps


The Ethiopian Red Cross Society is one of the oldest humanitarian organization and has been delivering services to Ethiopian since 1935 G.C years. Today, Ethiopian Red Cross Society Training institute is a leading provider of First Aid training, delivering standardized First Aid certificate for industry employees, students .youths, volunteers and members who has attended 5 days training.

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society is committed to building safe, healthy and productive communities and workplaces through the provision of nationally recognized and accepted First Aid training.

Moreover, the society has developed First Aid training Mobile Application with the American Red cross for mobiles with Android IOS. This Application is bilingual (English and Amharic) which can be downloaded to your mobile through the micro- site (the link below).

To download the set up file to your mobile, please open the website on your mobile and open First Aid Mobile Apps (from Resource center menu or side advert or quick link). Once you get the link below, click to download the Apps to you mobile.