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Oromia Region Branch


The Ethiopian Red Cross Society Oromia Regional Branch Office was established in 1994 E.C. The Branch is the largest of the 11 branches. It is like all the others is governed by its regional board members. The branch renders its humanitarian and community based development initiatives guided by the fundamental principles of the movement through its 13 zonal branches, 50 Woreda and over 1,162 kebeles Red Cross Committees (grass root Red Cross Committees).

Currently ERCS Oromia Regional Branch undertakes its key activities in 13 zones including : East Shoa, West Harerge , Arsi West Arsi , West Shoa, South West Shoa, , East Shoa , West Welega , Illuababora , Jimma , Bale , Guji , and Borana. Moreover, the region also launched its activities at newly opened woreda branches of Sandafa and Galan in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) Special Zone of Oromia Administration.

Zonal Branch