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14 Dec

ERCS launches new humanitarian service training programs

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By Ahmed Muhammed
Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) launches new open and tailor-made first aid and humanitarian service focused training programs on December 07, 2017 at its Training Institute (TI).
Following the expansion of its mission in mid 2017 to include services of consultancy and research, the TI has changed its name to Center of Capacity Development for Humanitarian Services (CCDHS).
Opening the workshop, Dr. Solomon Ali, Head of Humanitarian Diplomacy, Governance and Members Affairs Department at ERCS said that “previously, the Center has been providing general first aid training and now it has envisioned to become and discharge its responsibility as a Center of excellence for humanitarian services in the country in 2025.”
In this regard, the Center is projected to capacitate the Society by providing quality capacity building training and consultancy service as well as integrating and standardizing fragmented training programs of the Society, in partnership with stakeholders.
Speaking on during the launching, Mrs. Wondawk Abezie, Deputy Secretary General of Resource Development and Mobilization at ERCS said that, the need for humanitarian support is increasing from time to time.
“...increasing humanitarian needs require increasing resource to respond to vulnerability. Therefore, in order to fill this gap, we have to devise a new strategy focusing on resource development and mobilization so that we can respond well to the needy. One of the strategies in this regard is transforming the CCDHS”, Wondawk Abezie added.
As a result, the Center is reinstated with the aim of supporting the humanitarian efforts of ERCS by generating revenue from provision of various humanitarian trainings, consultancy and research services as well as catering and lodging services including renting of training facilities.
Participants form Canadian Red Cross, the Netherlands Red Cross, ICRC, and IFRC, partner local and international Humanitarian organizations and consortiums have attended the launching program, it’s learned.
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