Somalia Regional Branch

The branch was founded in 1977 E.C. as a sub branch of Hararghe region and was changed to Somali Regional branch in 1990 Eth. C. Currently, the regional branch functions at its office in Jigjiga town. It has a coordination office in Gode town and an operational office in Dolo Ado (in Melkadida town district).

Located in Jigjiga town, the capital administration of Ethiopian Somali Region which is 630 Km away from Addis Ababa.


Board Members  

The branch has board of directors consisting of 7 members elected by the general assembly of the region every 4 years  

Regional Secretary

  • Ambulance service in jig-jiga town and its surrounding with a radius of 20 KM.
  • Tracing/Restoring Family Links (RFL) to Refugee camps in Jigjiga and Dolo Ado areas as well as all Zones of the region.
  • First aid services and trainings
  •  Red cross youth movement


· Community Resilience building

· Strengthening community Resilience – Somali Region Ethiopia

· Emergency Response · Health Emergency Response Dissemination

The branch has a total of 6530 members and of this total of there are 6519 regular, 10 lifelong and 1 family member



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