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Our Training Center

ERCS Training Center

The training centre is located in Addis Ababa and has a large conference centre available for hiring. The centre organizes and coordinates tailor-made courses as well as offers catering facility and other services

Conference halls

  • 1 king-size with a capacity of 150 persons

  • 1 medium size with a capacity of 70 persons

  • 3 small size with a capacity of 35 persons

  • 1 syndicate room with a capacity of 20 persons

  • 2 small size rooms or lounges (as office)

Catering services
  •  Regular buffette
  • Special Buffette
  •  Assorted snacks
  • Twine Bed Rooms =36
  • Suite Bed Rooms=4
  •  Single Bed rooms
  • All our rooms have internet and satellite TV
Sauna and Gymnasium services

King Size Room

test room king size

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